Various lineups are available, all including the legendary ‘pop-up-upright piano’ which looks and sounds just like the real thing, but is easily transported to otherwise piano-less venues to create a warm and relaxed atmosphere.  We have a huge repertoire of songs including boogie-woogie, rhythm’n’blues, latin jazz as well as piano versions of alternative and rock classics.  Leigh is always happy to bring along an accordion or guitar to add even more variety – such as tunes from the ‘Amelie’ soundtrack or Django Reinhardt style gypsy-jazz.  For prices and availability please contact or facebook @delamereleigh

Leigh Delamere & the Gordanos

The full-band amped-up rockin’ boogie-woogie experience… A joyride from the Penryn bayou taking in songs by Fats Domino, Bruce Springsteen, Dr John, Motorhead, Kraftwerk, Radiohead, Tom Waits, Professor Longhair, David Bowie, Pink Floyd, Jools Holland, Jerry-Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash, Sergio Mendes, Duke Ellington, Chuck Berry, and Lonnie Donegan amongst others.  featuring the combined talents of:

Leigh Delamere – vocals, piano, accordion, guitar, stompbox, harmonicas, washboard
Heston Frankley – banjo, vocals
Blythe Clacket Lane – violin, viola
Taunton Deane – bass
Norton Canes – drums




The Leigh Delamere Trio

For smaller venues and more intimate occasions, The Leigh Delamere Trio supply less volume but still supply a robust and full-bodied listening experience; whether with amplification or fully acoustic for outdoor or remote locations.

Leigh Delamere – vocals, piano, accordion, guitar, stompbox, harmonicas
Heston Frankley – banjo, vocals
Blythe Clacket Lane – violin and viola

As a trio, we can play vocal and piano based songs (the same repertoire as the Gordanos) as well as instrumental gypsy-jazz, musette, klezmer and folk tunes – including Django Reinhardt, Yann Tiersen, Penguin Cafe Orchestra, Oscar Aleman and Les Freres Ferret

Duo or Solo

Leigh Delamere can also be booked as a solo performer or as a duo with added banjo from Heston Frankley or violin from Blyth Clacket Lane.  Perfect for instrumental background music or for a lower-key gig.