Want a wedding band in Cornwall or Devon?  Want to hear some familiar songs but avoid the cheese?  Want to try to sneak some Motörhead, Clash or Black Flag tunes in without the new in-laws realising?

You have come to the right place!  We specialise in boogie-woogie, skiffle and rock’n’roll that will fill your wedding reception dancefloor and gypsy jazz, tangos, klezmer and bluegrass that will set a friendly, informal atmosphere while you enjoy a drink and a chat.   Also, being vaguely aware that we live in the 21st century, we will drag some slightly more modern tunes kicking and screaming into our old-timey world.

We can provide anything from unobtrusive instrumental background music to a transformation of your venue into a rowdy 1930’s speakeasy – to check availability and get a quote contact  Details of the various options are below:

Leigh Delamere Solo

With the ‘pop-up-upright piano’ which looks and sounds just like the real thing, but is easily transported to otherwise piano-less venues to create a warm and relaxed atmosphere.  A huge repertoire of songs (these can be with or without vocal) including boogie-woogie, rhythm’n’blues, latin jazz as well as piano versions of alternative and rock classics.  Leigh is always happy to bring along an accordion or guitar to add even more variety – such as tunes from the ‘Amelie’ soundtrack or Django Reinhardt style gypsy-jazz.  

Delamere & Frankley – Multi-instrumental Duo

With an additional accompanist on banjo we offer a slightly more robust and full-bodied listening experience; whether with amplification or fully acoustic for outdoor or remote locations.  Between us we bring piano, banjo, accordion, guitar, violin, stompbox, harmonicas and vocals and can perform stomping upbeat sets of vocal and piano based songs (folk, skiffle, boogie-woogie etc) or instrumental background tunes (gypsy-jazz, musette, klezmer and folk).  

Leigh Delamere & the Gordanos – Four-piece Band

A boogie-woogie piano, skifflegrass banjo and tarantella accordion led joyride from the Penryn bayou taking in songs by Fats Domino, Bruce Springsteen, Dr John, Motorhead, Kraftwerk, Radiohead, Tom Waits, Professor Longhair, David Bowie, Pink Floyd, Jools Holland, Jerry-Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash, Sergio Mendes, Duke Ellington, Chuck Berry, and Lonnie Donegan amongst others.  

Ivy Drip & the Lidettes – Four-piece Band

Ivy Drip & the Lidettes are are an upright-bass-driven freight train of prohibition era psycho boogie grunge who cover everything from the Bangles to the Queens of the Stone Age in a jump-blues and boogie style (as well as throwing in some more ‘authentic’ tunes; Big Mama Thornton, Professor Longhair).  Fronted by the force of nature that is Ms Ivy Drip, and featuring Mr Leigh Delamere at the piano, they blew crowds away at their debut appearances in 2017 (Masked Ball, Boardmasters).  facebook/ivylidettes

The Gumbo Flyers – Five-piece Cajun/Zydeco Band

“the best urban zydeco band in Europe’’ – Time Out

Infectious cajun stomps from the swamps of the Fowey River delta which never fail to impress with their hot and sweaty, high energy grooves.  A five-piece lineup featuring, sax, washboard, guitar, bass, drums and of course Mr Delamere on the accordion.

The Blind Pig – Transform your venue into a 1930’s Speakeasy!

The cultural highlight of 2017’s Masked Ball and Boardmasters festivals ‘The Blind Pig’ is a pop-up venue which is based on a U.S. prohibition-era speakeasy. Taking musical inspiration from the 1920’s-30’s – rent party gutbucket blues and boogie woogie stomps, with live music, DJs and dancers transforming a marquee into a Chicago basement with shabby decor, gold footlights, posters, plants, furniture, and of course the Delamere upright piano.  Contact Leigh for details.


skifflin the boogie poster